While cleaning out my kitchen desk drawers, I found the picture taken of me for the yearbook the first year after I started working at the school when I was probably at my heaviest weight. It was for sure the reminder I needed to get back to what I had started doing a few years ago to finally get that weight off and most importantly, start to feel better. Any time I post these pictures, my DMs go crazy with questions on what plan did I follow, what pills did I take, what exercises did I do, did I have a trainer etc. But the truth is, there was no plan. No trainer. No magic pill. I stopped eating huge amounts of bad food, but still let myself have smaller amounts of what I do love. I will NEVER live a life that doesn’t allow me cheezits and Chick Fil A. NOOOOPE. I went to the gym and watched what others were doing and quietly learned from them because I was too embarrassed to ask anyone. I tried to make sure I was eating more protein, drinking more water and took my vitamins. I have majorly slacked on all these things lately and I was hoping you guys would be on board with us all getting back on the bandwagon together! I’m purging all the junk in my house and decluttering, and after a long season of anxiety, it’s probably a good time to focus on feeling better again physically!