What you don’t see is a girl who grew up too fast, strong for her siblings at home with a single mama working her ass off. What you don’t see is some residual trauma from a first marriage. What you don’t see is the grinding out every day to make dreams into reality...not just look like it on Instagram. What you don’t see is a man who survived a semi truck wreck and shouldn’t even be here, let alone walking and working to make our dreams come true. What you don’t see is fights, make ups, and choosing each other day in and day out when it wasn’t always easy to. What you don’t see is the blood, sweat, and tears it took to get here. To find each other. What you don’t see says so much more than what you do see. I look at this picture and I’m just so damn proud of us. We’ll be choosing each other, every day for the rest of eternity. And we’ll be building everything we own. Together. He can’t do it without me, and I can’t do it without him. And I will forever be grateful he decided to say hello on that dating site. If anything, my life has shown me that taking chances + working your