Happy humpday friends! I know I say this a lot but this summer is seriously flying by! I can’t believe we are almost halfway through July which means my birthday is right around the corner. And normally I like to lay low (I’m just not big into birthdays) but this year we plan to celebrate since I’ll be turning 30. I can’t lie it’s going to be hard saying goodbye to my twenties but I see great things ahead and big life changes. Starting with a career change! After six years of blogging and growing my business I’m finally taking the leap and going at this full time in September. I will love and miss my dental family (I worked in a pediatric office for more than seven years) but between work, my blog, social medias, The Etsy shop and now opening a booth at an antique store I can barley keep up. So I’m super excited for the next chapter of my life! Hopefully babies will be a part of that chapter as well and I can’t wait to take you guys along on the journey. It’s because of you that I get to make my passion my career as well so thank you for that♥️♥️♥️